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What to Expect

Your Session


Your first Reiki session can bring about personal change, inner balance, clarity and a spark in your intuitive guidance. This may open the door to a journey of deep personal healing and self-discovery that is often life changing.



Before each session, I take time to explain what Reiki is, how it works, and what to expect during the treatment. I ensure a safe and comfortable environment to support your healing journey. We will discuss your needs, intentions, and expectations.

The Reiki treatment takes place on a warm, plush massage table with dimmed lights and soothing, gentle relaxation music. Sheets, blankets, and a bolster under your knees are provided for maximum comfort. You are always in control of your session, and your comfort is my top priority.



During your session, it's vital to let your body unwind. Closing your eyes is encouraged to deepen relaxation. It's common to drift into sleep or meditation during Reiki. I maintain silence, enabling you to fully relax during your treatment.


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Your session will involve gentle touch, following traditional hand placements on areas including the head, neck, upper chest, abdomen, knees, feet, shoulders, elbows, and hands. If desired, a back treatment can be included, with hands placed on the back.

For clients who prefer not to be touched, the treatment can be conducted entirely hands-off. This approach is suitable for those who have experienced physical or emotional trauma, severe burns, or chemotherapy.

Energy Sensations


In your Reiki session, you might notice subtle energy flowing through your body, perhaps feeling warmth or coolness from the practitioner's hands, and even seeing comforting colors or visions. While these experiences are typical, it's also common to not sense anything physically but still benefit from deep relaxation, overall well-being, and inner peace afterward.


Remember, Reiki operates on multiple levels, so even without physical sensations, the energy could be addressing deep emotional or spiritual needs.



Scheduling follow-up sessions weekly or monthly can support your ongoing sense of wholeness and well-being. Over time, as you grow accustomed to the Reiki experience, you'll naturally become more open and receptive to receiving the energy.

Schedule Your Relaxation

Reiki let assist you in your healing

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